M-Cross provides a free initial consultation to any company interested in marketing its own product in Japan.  If we see the potential for your product, we can show it directly to one of our distributors, or put it up on Amazon Japan – or both, at minimal cost to you.  There is no more economical way to test your item in the Japanese market.  Contact us to see if your product will be a hit in Japan!


If we don’t see a path to success for your product in Japan, we will tell you so immediately.  We are not interested in back-burner, hit and run, or slow-death projects.  Not everything works.  We are a small team, but our network is extensive, and we can determine quite accurately how your product will perform in the Japanese market.


We’re eager to help any U.S. start-up with an innovative product or service to take its idea to Japan. Concepts that work well in the U.S. will often do even better in Japan, where demographic trends and advanced infrastructure favor labor-saving technologies and social networking products.


Looking to find out what is trending in Japan right now?  Need hard numbers on the performance of a specific industry, or the habits of a certain group of consumers? Need analysis on a specific BtoB environment?  We provide all types of reporting, from opportunity overviews to in-depth analyses, small and large to U.S. and Japanese clients alike.


While we are not a staffing agency, we actively participate in government-assisted intern programs designed to develop talent for international business needs.  Many of our interns have moved on to positions in successful start-ups, and we have new interns in training at all times.  We are always happy to discuss your staffing needs, and do what we can to help.