If there is one thing we can say about today’s global markets, it is that change is occurring with unprecedented speed.  News via the internet travels from one side of the world to the opposite in seconds, igniting new trends and affecting millions of consumers in just days, sometimes just minutes.  What this means for the business owner is simple; we have to grasp these developments as they occur, and adapt quickly, or suffer the consequences.

Today, some of the fastest growing markets in the world are in Asia, and here perhaps more than anywhere the speed of change is incredible.  Japan, once the dominant economic player in Asia, has been eclipsed by China’s mega-economy, and challenged by South Korea’s industrial prowess, even as it faces tough hurdles in a shrinking domestic market.

But Japan, to its credit, is adapting to these changes with strategic efforts to promote investment at home and abroad, remove barriers to trade, maintain its cutting-edge infrastructure, and empower business and industry at local levels.  Moreover, Japanese consumers continue to be highly brand-conscious, affluent, and noted for their appreciation of innovative designs and services (whether from home and abroad), making Japan an ideal place for marketing a product, and establishing an antenna that transmits to all of Asia.

At M-Cross, we’ve proven repeatedly that we can bring new products to and from Japan, and we feel there has never been a better time to promote trade with foreign partners.  If you have an interest in taking a product to Japan, don’t wait – now is the time!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Nicki Uchino,
M-Cross International Corporation    

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